Frozen Cakes 

Dress Cakes 

-I used barbie dolls from ebay they are cheaper and work better to pop the legs off and on. 

– 3 Small cakes depending on size of barbie. 

– Put cakes together and carefully shave the top edges to make it round, cover with a crumb coat. 

– Wrap the bottom of the barbie in plastic wrap after popping legs off.

– Carve holes in the cake for barbie to go in, put icing in to make it stick.

– Get Creative!! 


– I didn’t get to do this when I made Olaf but I recommend printing off a picture and cut it out to get the size and shape right. 
-White first!! Black last. 

Please feel free to comment! I like hearing what people think! If you have any questions or tips let me know! Have a good day! 


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