Pabst Blue Ribbon Cake

                    Pabst Blue Ribbon Cake

       When I got this order I knew what I wanted to do but I wanted a picture to go off of. I found some but didn’t find anything on making the symbol out of buttercream. I like to use buttercream over fondant because it tastes better. This ended up being a lot of work and very time consuming doing 5 symbols out of buttercream! I do not recommend making the symbols out of buttercream. If you do i wouldnt do 5 of them. Maybe you could try the transfer method. I know from now on I’m using fondant for stuff that small and detailed! 


  • I use a toothpick to pick where I’m putting symbols at to get the basic shape. Tooth picks come in handy!! 
  • Messing up!! Use a tooth pick or scraping tool to carefully pick off what you messed up, if it’s a hard spot to pick at put it in the fridge or freezer and let it chill. 
  • Make sure your cakes are level!!! Usually I do make sure but I was afraid if I leveled them all the way I would take to much height off. It was not level but it worked. 
  • If your doing this in buttercream I would recommend flipping the image printing it out and doing the transfer method. (I have not tried this method but it looks easier.) 

    Please feel free to comment! I like hearing what people think! If you have any questions or tips let me know! Have a good day! 


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